Let me tell you a story

Nights I Can’t Sleep

Uji Ya Mama Shiku

He grabs a porridge filled old metallic cup, probably made in China. He closes his eyes and takes a sip. A glug echoes in the dark corner as he swallows.

Digital Fathers

Yesterday I watched in shock a distant uncle of mine urinating outside my house. For the footnotes: he was doing it in front of children. To clear the air: actually I did not watch, I just saw because it is… Continue Reading →

Kinuthia Smiled

Once upon a time in a small village in Kiambu, there lived a man by the name Kinuthia. Kinuthia was a short young man with ‘yellow yellow’ skin and a signature of bald-headedness. After years of singleness, Kinuthia surprised many… Continue Reading →

Son Of Lucy (2)

Part 2 Continued from The Son of Lucy part 1…. Read Part One The journey to freedom got worse for Mr Lucy after joining Form 1. By the fact that he was Lucy some boys thought he was not a… Continue Reading →

Son Of Lucy

One year ago, on a sunny bright Wednesday afternoon; Omondi, Kamau and Mr Lucy out of coincidence sat closely in a lecture room waiting for a lecture to begin. One interesting aspect of the three young men is that they… Continue Reading →

No Case To Answer!

Victims’ lawyer Wilfred Nderitu has said that the decision by the trial chambers should be respected because the process began six years ago. Six years is not a long duration because I can clearly recall what happened 9 years ago… Continue Reading →

Team Mafisi

Last year somebody called me a ‘saved fisi’ after noticing I was becoming an epitome of praise in his baibes mouth. As if that was not enough, last month some people nicknamed me ‘Mr. Chair’ not of anything honorable but… Continue Reading →

Court of Chastity

As the CU chairman introduced the pastor and the topic of the day, it felt like he was reading our crimes and kindly asking the Pastor to prosecute us. Chastity Campaign was been launched, the church changed into a courtroom…. Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

Last night around 10:30pm, I received this story on WhatsApp: “A very poor man lived with his wife whose hair was so long that it touched the waist. One day the wife asked her husband to buy her a comb… Continue Reading →

Men Of Cloth

“The dog will be buried!” barked out Pastor John escorting the old man out of his office. Pastor John was the senior pastor of Methodist Church in Florida back in 1986. The old man’s dear dog had given up the… Continue Reading →


This year I had a life marked with a series of awkward moments which were well separated by meals. It is the only year I managed to stay single from January to December since 2008 (hoping in the few remaining… Continue Reading →

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