When the sun goes down, the moon takes his place. The stars take their place somewhere behind the haze of black clouds. Off the window there is a lingering light from a distance. It is all silent with a few snores in here and a few crickets chirping out there. And...

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Men Of Cloth

  “The dog will be buried!” barked out Pastor John escorting the old man out of his office. Pastor John was the senior pastor of Methodist Church in Florida back in 1986. The old man’s dear dog had given up the ghost. He was so attached to that dog that he went to his...

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Uji ya Mama Shiku

It is on Friday,  29th July 2016, 1800hrs. Time Zone, GMT +03:00, Limuru Time He grabs a porridge filled old metallic cup, probably made in China. He closes his eyes and takes a sip. A glug echoes in the dark corner as he swallows. With his eyes closed he feels the...

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Our Modern ‘Fathers’

Yesterday I watched in shock a distant uncle of mine urinating outside my house. For the footnotes: he was doing it in front of children. To clear the air: actually I did not watch, I just saw because it is disgusting to look at such humiliating scenario. He was...

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Wanjiru & Kamau

I remember when Kamauu and Wanjiru exchanged vows. It was a bright cold Saturday afternoon on July 2010. I don’t know the reason Kamauu decided to get married on July but I can clearly recall the moment after they exchanged the vows. It was the best of times, it was...

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Holy War

In my ‘old days’ as a 5years innocent but naughty and nosy boy, I recorded with my two small eyes a bloody fight that occurred in my local church which I later saved the unedited file in my tiny head. As I revisited the video gallery in my ‘big head’ currently, I...

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